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Grant of PHD/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance.

Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance Clarification.

Govt of Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification of Further Clarification Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance to those employees who have been recruited on the basis of Ph.D/D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M.qualification. The detail is as under:
I am directed to refer to this department’s letter No.FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 22.03.2019 on the subject and to state that a question has arisen as to whether those employees who have/had been recruited on the basis of qualification of Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Degree, are entitled to Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance from the date of notification of the final result by the concerned university or from 01.08.2019?
The case has been examined and it is clarified that the above-referred employees are entitled for Ph.D./D.Sc/M.Phil/LL.M Allowance with effect from 01-08-2019, as prior to this date they were not entitled to the said allowance in the light of this department’s letter.No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 09-11-2016 and the same has been superseded vide letter No.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 22-08-2019, with effect from 01-08-2019. The other employees who do not fall in the above-referred category shall be entitled as per serial # iv of the letterNo.FD.SR-1/9-21/2016, dated 22-08-2019.All administrative Secretaries / concerned are requested to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned instructions in letter and spirit.
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